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Waterfall in Newton County Arkansas
What are the main attractions to living in the ozark mountains of nwA and the Buffalo National River area?

   *   Well, obviously, the Breathtaking Beauty and the fun you can have canoeing, kayaking & swimming in mineral-rich, aqua marine colored water of the Buffalo National River, The Little Buffalo River or the Big Piney River, which are all located in Newton County, Arkansas;
   *   Fresh mountain air, nearly 50" of rainfall annually and deep, rich soil create an undergrowth of trees, flowers and luxurious plant life;
   *   Elk Watching in Boxley Valley or wildlife watching everywhere;
   *   World-class rock climbing of our famous limestone bluffs, 
   *   4-wheeling or horseback riding the countryside;
   *   Hiking the numerous trails throughout the Ozark National Forest or National Park, alongside creeks, waterfalls and limestone bluffs!  
   *   The quaint little tourist town of Jasper with friendly mountain-folk;

   *   The famous scenic Hwy 7 which is listed as one of the top 10 most scenic drives in America;
   *   Newton County, Arkansas being 67% National Forest does not have a single stop light!

This and more is why Newton County, Arkansas is considered a Diamond that is being discovered!

With the Upper Buffalo River area of Newton County being our niche market, we at Arkansas Diamond Realty are simply, "at your service", whether your needs are assistance with selling your beloved homestead or assisting you in your own "treasure hunt".

Services we provide are:

   *   Seller's Agent - we offer Multi-Listing Services, premium internet advertising, attainment of in-depth knowledge and thorough showing of your entire homestead or parcel.

   *   Buyer's Agency - Offering Buyers a complete and thorough viewing of every property, providing or finding answers to every question.

Recommendations from Buyers and Sellers

​Rayne… just to let you know from my heart how wonderful it has been to work with you over selling our Arkansas property.  You listened to all my concerns and educated me along the way and were patient with my silly questions.  I so appreciate being heard in this process!!  It allowed me to trust the outcome and never have a moments real worry over the whole thing..  That is just such a gift in life, to be able to move through a complex project and not stress over it.  We owe it all to you and your open loving heart and your intelligent mind!   Thank you again,     
Much love,  Mary Lynn

- S Rayne Davidson was my agent in the purchase of a vacation cabin and 24 acres of land in southern Newton County, AR. She is very knowledgeable about the region she specializes in (Buffalo National River region/Newton County), and has a real passion for the area that is both genuine and contagious. She's driven to share this amazing region with others that will love it as much as she does, and she's the area go-to realtor for the most cool and/or unusual properties. Her easy-going professionalism and customer-focused approach made the whole process easy and fun, and she went the extra mile whenever needed. I highly recommend Rayne.

Jim from Missouri

Most of my Sales are Dual agent where i represent both buyer and seller in the same transaction and it works 100% of the time, here's my latest happy clients where both come from the same transaction, august 2019:

From the Seller:

Hello again my friend.  You have been special in my life.  I'm so glad you worked for me.  I got very substantially more $ because of your effort and talent than I could have expected had I gone with someone the two guys I talked to before signing up with you.  Having met and talked with the buyer of my property, I have no doubt you served us both well.  Mac from Hasty/Newton Co AR

From the Buyer:


You did a great job and I realize now that its over, I couldn't have done it without you!

Since I live in a big city, I noticed some subtle differences working with you and all the others involved with the inspection, insurance and closing. You really listen to the customer and you are focused on finding a good fit between buyer and seller and property. These are some of the reasons why I would like to retire in Newton county.  At one point I was ready to walk away and you calmly found a solution that worked for both of us. 


Thank you very much and hope to work with you in the future!  Mark from Texas

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0107 cecil hollow runoff II 8x10 copy
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Chimney Rock Swimming hole
Bush's 46, waterfall 3-10 (25)
here's a few of my favorite pics of this beautiful part of the ozark mountains

Photos are either my personal ones or some are shared as a courtesy of Michael Dougherty or Mallory.Gallery

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