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Home Buying Tips

Here's some helpful tips and resources for first-time home buyers.

Internet Providers for Boone County

Here's a handy list of local internet providers for you to choose from.  This list shows their speeds, rates and customer satisfaction.

How much can you afford?

If you are completely new to home buying, the first question you should have is "what can I afford?". Understanding what you can afford will guide your home search.  Before beginning your home search, shop around for the Lender that offers you the best deal and that you feel comfortable with.  They can guide you in the financial aspect of home buying.  Also, as a handy guide, use the calculator in this link to get an idea of your payments.

Does your first real estate purchase have you overwhelmed?

Take this first-time home buyer online class.

Here's a handy home buying checklist

Print this checklist off and fill it out for each home you visit to help you in your decision making process.

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